Technologies for Orthopedic and sport Injuries  

1- Autologus adult stem cell :

Bone regeneration process may improve effectively and rapidly when stem cells are used. To this purpose, stem cells are often employed with biomaterials/scaffolds and growth factors to accelerate bone healing at the fracture site

2- Natural polymers for bone Repair:

The core of BTE is the design of an “ideal” synthetic bone graft that mimics the tissue from macro- to nanoscale level, including the biochemical and biophysical cues of bone extracellular matrix (ECM). Engineering of natural polymers to obtain biomaterials is one of the most attractive options, mainly due to their similarities with the bone ECM, chemical versatility, and good biological performance.

3- PEMF Technology :

Clinical PEMF stimulation is widely applied in both the United States and Europe as a noninvasive and safe therapy to promote bone repair. Considerable level 1 evidence has accumulated, demonstrating clinical efficacy of PEMF exposure in accelerating healing of fresh fractures and osteotomies

Advanced Modalities in the Management of Diabetic Charcot Neuroarthropathy

Technological advances have allowed reconstructive foot and ankle surgeons greater opportunity to provide significant limb salvage options to those patients who present with significant lower extremity deformity due to diabetic Charcot neuroarthropathy. Paradigms that promote the utilization of these advanced modalities have demonstrated significant improved limb salvage outcomes in this challenging patient population and have consequently improved the quality of life for patients.

Adult stem cell injection including with PEMF therapy for activation and Bone growth are playing a dramatic effect in Charcot neuroarthropathy treatment . read more